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Sam Sacco

Sam joined R.A. Cohen Consulting in December 1998, but has been involved with the staffing industry since 1982. He joined the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services (NATSS), now the American Staffing Association (ASA), in 1982 as their Director of Public Relations. In that capacity he created the major NATSS publications.

In January 1984 he was made the CEO and Executive Vice President of NATSS, a position he held until October 1997. Under his leadership, NATSS grew from 300+ members to over 1,600 members; the budget went from $300,000 to over $5,000,000; and the staff expanded from three to 22. During this period, the image and credibility of the staffing industry improved significantly. Sam has authored over 100 articles on the industry, spoken before hundreds of national, state and local industry groups, and represented the industry on numerous TV and radio programs. Sam’s in-depth knowledge of the staffing industry and historical understanding of its development puts him in a unique position to work with temporary staffing, IT services, permanent placement, technical, and PEO firms and recognize their different needs.

Over the years, Sam has met thousands of staffing CEO’s and built lasting relationships with many of them. His first name recognition with independent, national and public company executives is seldom duplicated. He has seen first-hand what a boom economy and a recession can do to industry profits and growth. He fully appreciates the hard work that is necessary to grow a successful staffing company and is sensitive to the importance of finding the best environment to maximize the value for the buyer and seller.

After leaving NATSS in October 1997, Sam became the Chairman of the Board of Work International Corporation, a staffing industry consolidation and rollup. Over the next six months he helped assemble 16 companies in IT, traditional staffing and professional niche with 1998 revenues of over $200,000,000. After clearing SEC comments in record time, only the unexpected decline of staffing stocks over a four-month period kept the IPO from being successful. This experience of locating, screening, valuing, and contractually signing large and small companies in an acquisition blitz is the competitive edge that will be working for you. Sam is a 1967 graduate from the University of Virginia, with a BS degree in Commerce. He makes his home in Wilmington, NC.

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Brian Kennedy CPC

In my current role at R.A. Cohen, I bring over a decade of specialized M&A and consulting expertise to the staffing industry, guiding owners through their strategic exit journeys. This work is underpinned by a solid foundation of 30+ years in the trenches of the staffing world, where I’ve seen and experienced the industry’s rapid evolution firsthand.

Starting in 1981, my path has taken me through the diverse landscapes of IT, Engineering, Healthcare, and more. I’ve witnessed the transformation from filing cabinets and fax machines to the digital age, embracing each new challenge with the same enthusiasm I had on day one. My journey has been as much about what I’ve learned as it is about the excitement of keeping pace with the industry’s constant change today.

Navigating through two business exits personally and leading companies to substantial growth and success, I offer a perspective that’s rare among typical investment bankers or general business brokers. I don’t just understand staffing companies; I’ve lived their challenges and triumphs.

For those seeking more than textbook M&A advice, I offer insights born from real-world experience. Reach out to me for guidance that’s tailored to the unique dynamics of the staffing industry and your business, whether you’re looking to exchange groundbreaking ideas, seek practical advice, or simply connect, I look forward to hearing from you.

As a passionate advocate for the staffing industry, I was a founding member of NACCB Canada (National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses) and served as a Provincial and National board member for ACSESS (the Canadian version of ASA) with our late founder Bob Cohen.

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Mark Zacha CPC

Mark has been in the Staffing Industry for over 33 years as a business owner and working for large Independent and Franchise Owned firms.  He started as a Recruiter in the 80’s right out of college and after a stint in Corporate America joined his mother, Judy Zacha (previous American Staffing Association (ASA) Chairperson) at Beacon Services a Western Michigan Staffing firm.  There he rose to become President and helped launch additional brands and branches.  The family ultimately sold to Elwood Staffing where Mark stayed on, growing the Western Michigan region with National Accounts/MSP Relationships/VMS Vendors.  He joined Get Beyond a FinTech Startup and then moved to the Franchise industry.  Most recently with PrideStaff a 85 location Staffing Franchisor.

Mark spent many years as the leader for the Independent Staffing Alliance, a network of Independently Owned Staffing firms that shared best-practices and acted as Board of Directors for each member firm.  Having acquired Staffing Firms and Sold his own firm, Mark brings a unique experience to those looking to grow or divest.  

Mark’s business strengths are Accounting, Franchising, Operations, Payroll, Sales & Technology.. 

Mark is based in San Diego and married to Karla Hertzog a previous ASA Chairperson.  They have five children and two grandchildren.  Mark enjoys Tennis, Travel, Family, anything on, around or in water and is close to achieving his goal of swimming in all the major bodies of water of the world.